TWA Telecom Management has served the telecommunications management needs throughout the USA of:

  • Business Verticles

  • Medical Facilities and Hospitals

  • Physician Practices 

Proactive Telecom Management


Dependability & Thoroughness
Since 1994

1. Telecom Business Analysis

2. Infrastructure Design

3. Network Implementation

TWA Telecom works as an Experienced, Trusted Advisor and Primary Resource for Telecom Dept’s, CIO’s, IT/MIS Directors.

TWA Telecom provides Project Management for all telecom services. This includes Analysis, SOW, Planning, RFP's, Selecting, Implementing, Managing, Reviewing, and Troubleshooting all telecom issues.

TWA is Vendor Neutral so you can select whatever service providers you want - when you want them.




TWA is your Trusted IT Partner with a Shared Vision.

Telecom - You are looking for one-stop solutions to your telecom needs.  From Cloud Management to desk phones, our goal is to bring you solutions that meet your needs and budget.  Whether you are a large multi-location business with 1000's of employees working anywhere- office- home- remote, to setting up an small office, or a call-center, we will guide you thru the process of obtaining and establishing your services and provide ongoing management.   


Infrastructure - Technology is constantly changing.  Land Line phones are now being replaced by UCaaS-VOIP networks.  The internet runs on real time advancing technology.  Legacy solutions in an ever changing world need to be replaced to enable your business to outpace your competition.  We listen to determine your needs and get you the results you desire.


Redundancy, Security, Disaster Recovery, Ransom Ware and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks need to be addressed if your company is not only to prosper but survive possible disruptions.

Implementation & Management - We manage the whole telecom process before, during and after installation.

Through Auditing, TWA also resolves billing and customer service issues of any current and future service providers.