TWA Provides a resource who complements and assists your existing IT/MIS team, working as YOUR telecom project manager, linking you to any carrier service in the US.

TWA Analyzes the existing telecommunications services at your business, involving the appropriate staff, and assists in determining a master telecommunications plan for the near and distant future.

TWA Works to educate and enable you and your staff/employees to make informed decisions, within your time frame, with the right carriers, based on your needs and your schedule.

TWA Audits existing carrier contracts and invoices for accuracy. When discrepancies are noted, TWA seeks monitary recovery for you.

TWA then Reviews and Researches the appropriate carriers to continue services, replace existing services and/or obtain new services. This is done based on the following criteria:

  • Usage and Cost Patterns

  • Quality of the Carrier

  • Quality of the Network

  • Contract Protection

  • Quality of Customer Service

  • Billing Formats and Customization

  • Ease of New Installs/Cancellations

  • Repair Responsiveness

  • Future Telecom Needs

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